We’re in a Holy High time when it’s never been more easy to distinguish between dimensions as a lot of us are finding our own lane between the lower self and the Higher Self. You can say I live in Los Angeles but all of this, in every direction, wherever you’re reading from belongs to the EQUATOR. It’s more than just islands in tropical waters. Scale it out to the Universal. This should all make sense soon with all the incoming superconscious downloads. I am a documentary filmmaker of the future history or otherwise, most importantly, acquiring mastery of voice in this human avatar. I’ve been developing this form for quite some time now- my choice of a lower Earthly ego attached to an Earthly body is traveling through this grand millennial shift. Brimming with auspicious stories and experiences, he is the avatar I’ve selected, as all of yours you’ve selected, to inhabit in this present NOW that we’ve come together to experience XXXTRA GREAT changes in our human evolution. We’re all confused as we should be but I will navigate to the best account what’s going on through my bold arrow of time, my shadow, my ECHO, my past/present/future car, Solomon Sloan.

By the Power of Palm,

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