🌴🐺🔊🌕Happy Friday Jr🌴

The day’s heatwave activates the night’s bloom. Mmm, Perfume of Palm. You are definitely under control.

Thursday is Hollywood’s favorite day. It’s my favorite day. Or was.

Happy NEW PLANET ENERGY, firstly.

You know the white scrolling type up the dark pane at the end of movies and TV? Those are the credits for cast and crew, the people that have worked together in a team of teams upwards to a year of film production to make a beautifully crafted story into on-screen greatness. A lot of the great works today have been calibrated to be experienced at a binge-watching frequency. The luster of the Hollywood experience gets minimized when credits simply don’t get observed so much anymore. The pandemic did a number on the way things go and the streaming environment really blew up when everything shifted to a homebound consciousness. Before COVID was even a whisper, I really got to inhabit the backlot/set experience as a Payroll clerk. Our Payroll team was part of the crew, we were in the credits, we record weekly timecards from every crew member onboard this project-in-development and turn them into checks to be passed out every Thursday. And Thursdays were LIT as a Hollywood Payroll Clerk. I’d carry this highly anticipated box of checks to set. I go to where they’re shooting that day, be it on location or soundstage, and pass out checks to orgasm-ready faces. But only on Thursdays. And because money. It was packaged energy that gave me some kind of power from above that decided everyone’s day. I apply force on Production with that responsibility. That’s why I’ve declared Thursdays as Friday Jr.

But All is impermanent and that holy-flow of handing out checks on-set is over. COVID changed the game. I really can’t tell you about the backlot experience anymore. It’s all spreadsheets and work emails from home bro. It’s 9-to-5. But I have a job and I’m pretty grateful. It if wasn’t for IATSE health insurance provisions, I wouldn’t have a hard time getting an ambulance to the ER to fix the bone popping out of of my finger(ask me about it later).

I have the fortune of being given work on BIG TIME productions with STAHS I know you love(where you come from you probably pronounce as ‘stars’, but where I come from we say ‘STAHS’). My IMDB would be stacked if I chose to populate it. But I knew right from the jump, once I start taking into account these BANGER projects they’ll leave me thirsting for more projects that fit in with my hipster interests. I know that would send me up a ladder I know I’ll never stop climbing. At a time when it is most crucial to take control of the ego’s desires, I chose hard-mode to maintain a frequent meditation practice to keep Hollywood desires at bay for I am still grinding on my XTRAXXTRAXXXEXTRA GREAT PLAN. I’m from BURBANK, CALIFORNIA. We’re entrained from the beginning to know the Game. We’re the MEDIA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, baby! We understand what goes into producing an image and by extension, can get a deep understanding beyond the illusion.

Then COVID changed the Game. The pandemic extricated Payroll to be locationally separate from the rest of Production, aka NOT being on the magical backlot(WFH), really changed Hollywood as I, Solomon, knew it within the book-ends of my human life. Thursdays don’t feel the same. Is it still Friday Jr? I’ll have to find a way to make it so. It’s the only way.

To have FULL MOON ENERGY fall on a Thursday in August. That’s what I was carrying over to AMC 16 for that NatGeo documentary screening KPCC gave me tickets for. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on time and they wouldn’t let any more people in. I was eager to do field research on the exciting THETA POST. I was kicking rocks. When will be the next time I see a good doc at the moving theta? But to my fortune, I’ve been pretty good at alchemizing failures to a net success.

The only way OUT is IN and these inner awakenings these last years released me from the samsaric reruns of driving around listlessly to different bars in Los Angeles in hopes of different outcomes. But as the cycle of suffering decides, I always wind up disintegrated from a conscious flow. I plummet down to the monkey-mind, seeking out that one lucky contestant to fly me out of desperate thoughts and actions. That illusion never arrives and I don’t do that anymore. Bars to excite and drive my lust. But I still drive around a lot, this time, carrying intention to discover knowledge of others. I make sure to start my day asking for it.

In these drives of expanded thinking, I tap into visits with Jerry. He’s a manager of a high-flow liquor store on Sunset Blvd. A dark chocolate Sri Lankan man with a worldly aura who’s existence urged me to ask him about his relationship with the Dhamma. Those of the Indian subcontinent were exposed to conditions that paved life-paths of divine spiritual importance. You know, the kind you don’t get on TV. He was telling me he’s been doing his kundalini practice for the past 5 years. Tell me more! What can I do to activate? Man, I feel like I shouldn’t even be talking about kundalini until I give you more depth with breath awareness because that’s kundalini’s foundation. What am I saying? Even spirituality comes in LEVEL-UPS. What’s the limit to one’s imaginative energy. Don’t go on thinking you know everything there is to possibly know. We are economically sectioned out of expanded awareness until we set our body, mind and spirit through practice. Meditation. Meditation is what takes you out of the TRAP to understand the OUTERTRAP your awareness can level-up to. Kundalini is the level-up meditation after you develop solid awareness of your breathing to dive into more rigorous breathwork. Like a 10-minute hold kind of rigorous. And after you make that hold, it awakens a physical snake that coils up your spine with sensations of slippery reptile slime up your vertebrae toward your brain and nervous channels to your 3rd-eye. But you must STOP IT before it hits your crown chakra, or else then you’ll be dead. That’s kundalini.

I’ll talk more about this later. I really wanted to get a post in. These posts don’t have a focus other than just my purge of the present. I’m cooking up for what “my voice” can be in written-form.

Thanks for getting all the way here.

By the Power of PALM,
@LordEQUATOR conducting ECHOSOLO.

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