🌴NO PALMTRAP DAY 10: Rattlesnake Downloads🌴

I have my 9-to-5 grind in Los Angeles and as we all do on the weekends, we go to the beach. My family now lives by the beach. A win to be able visit my folks and to inhabit BEACH MODE. I give gratitude.

We have a family dog, Kastiel, a Siberian Husky. He’s shy of 2 years and he’s getting too big and too smart to stay with my parents. We gotta get a van.

It’s been 10 days without a mobile phone/device. I’m going through activations in this birth month.

I like taking Kastiel out to different places to meditate. He’s still very young and has BIG DOG ENERGY and I want to entrain him with peace with my peace. You won’t believe the connection you have with your dog when you do not have a phone distraction. I am so more deeply connected to Kastiel’s feelings as he is more aware of telling me his needs.

In this DOG MEDITATION, I take Kastiel out to nature to unlock his WILDSIDE. He senses movement in the brush and a rattlesnake starts cracking. No one was bit and I’m thankful for Kastiel to have RATTLESNAKE AWARENESS.

We need a van. A van makes a better man. A better man makes a better dog.

This day is proof!


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