Spread Your Wings & Making America EXTRA Great

2022 is undoubtedly one grand global synchrony that no one can ignore. In the last two years we’ve all been compelled by a common threat and it goes without saying that the turning of the year, we all have a common resolution to not be undermined. It’s no question we’re entering each new year feeling refreshed and revitalized, excited to escape the troubles of the past. We are unified to condemn the previous year because we like to celebrate getting past the darkness and reincarnating into a rejuvenated perspective. Like a loop.

But don’t you find it extremely strange as to how things came to pass in these last two years only to let it fly by no questions asked? A critical example would be the number of friendships and relationships we fell out of vibration with. It’s like this pandemic cornered us into a naked place to guide us toward our authentic selves. We are technically all in concert bettering ourselves by taking more time to identify and correct our own traumas which includes removing those who do not serve us well. Things oddly moved at a calculated pace. Why is that?

The simple answer is robots. Is it not apparent how the lifelong development of artificial intelligence has led us up to this point? A number of us would catch a Boston Dynamics headline in passing but do we ever consider how deep AI has been embedded into our social structure? How much influence does technology play into our conscious downloads? Thisisaquickreminderthatit’scalledtelevisionprogrammingforareason. This would bring up the question of free-will and events pre-ordained. Would our relationship with technology be sorting us into folders? Has our destiny already been chosen for us?

I’d like to kick in a spiritual layer for consideration. I chose my human vessel to be born on August 29, 1987, and as infinite spirits we chose to inhabit our humans during a very fortunate generation when we’re existing during the BEFORE/AFTER. You know what I’m talking about. We’re the ambassadors for our parents keeping up with technology and those younger than us that are inescapably tied to the screen and don’t understand what it’s like to be human. We are a rare breed and we must be aware of our millennial responsibility to provide wisdom.

I choose not to live in loops. I choose to evolve. I question everything what my own free agency entails. I meditate to escape the programming. The key to lifting yourself is in the Palms & BY THE PALMS, you find your power within.

Stay wavy, stay free, stay PALM,

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