No Phone Day 5: I Win Tickets To A Movie

I’d like to proclaim last Friday(the day mein Phone broke) 8/5 was an awakening. By awakening, I’m talking spiritual awakening. Not saying this event was some huge portal to some big jackpot(actually it very well can be). When you’re on the path, you can receive more than one. You actually receive them throughout your lifetime until you depart from the material, earthly realm. I’ve been on my path for several years and I’m still learning how to develop a communion between my higher-self(LordEQUATOR) and lower-ego, Solomon. During a time when it’s so easy for your consciousness to get robbed by distractions you can get dragged deep into lower vibrational thinking.

It’s been a whole decade since my traumatic brain injury on PALM AVE. Everyday has been hard effort toward cognitive recovery while concurrently exploring the spiritual self. That TBI is something I’ll need explain piecemeal over time since that was one of my BIG awakenings that still guides me today. Coming out of that brain hemorrhage came this condition called “expressive aphasia”, where your brain’s cognitive connection with your vocal expression is disconnected. Pre-accident, I was affable. I had smooth conversations. But after the TBI, I’d speak full-on sentences but unconsciously drop a word. Sentences made full sense in my mind until I’d hiccup over one crucial word. Aphasia affects me till this day but I choose not to have it overwhelm me because honestly, who’s gonna know? Who’s gonna care? At this point it’s a trivial quality that I’m not going to let dominate my life. In short, that traumatic brain injury was an awakening, but we’ll talk about it another day. What I wanted to make a big deal about is the divine helix of winning tickets from KPCC to a screening at AMC 16 in Burbank. On PALM AVE, down the street from the CRASH I got that TBI.

The movie is called The Territory, a documentary produced by National Geographic. It gives us a a close look at the indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau people and their struggle with deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. I’m excited to see something on-screen of the vérité quality(real and not scripted for drama). That type of cinema is something I’ve been leaning more into as of late in the midst of a huge streaming environment. The takeaway is definitely an education, being given worldly information on subjects I’d otherwise be willingly ignorant about.

I love movieS. I can talk intimately of showbiz and the world of production. I really think I can take this blog into a direction centered around Hollywood and consciousness–something we can never have enough of in this 3D world. And to anyone wondering if all I did is just meditate in random places, I do have a day-job. I’m the Rubberbandman. But we’ll get into that later.

– Solomon played by @LordEQUATOR

PS: They gave me two tickets. Message or comment if you’d like to join(just don’t text).
PPS: Shoutout to KPCC for the tickets. I thank you. I appreciate you!

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