Still no mobile, I trek from wifi to wifi to update. A casual trip to Denver. Presence is lucid.

Got u.

It’s only been a month since the fall and my left palm ring finger has been healing great. It’ll be FULL-FLEXION in no time.

About the incident. July 25th, 2022, I was riding my bike in Venice Beach. I don’t know but when I get on that thing I just wanna ride fancy. Ever since I began a regular meditation, I do my best to incorporate the breath awareness in all forms of functioning. I sound like a broken record when I tell others but a satisfactory breath would involve inhaling into the abdomen for the bulk of our lungs lies below the rib cage. If we wanted to fully energize our body’s faculties, we will need to breathe into our belly not our upper chest–that’s just presentation. So when I’m on my bike, I like to ride with my hands behind my back to relieve pressure on my lungs; for sitting arched forward while riding can limit lung capacity.

I can ride great! But when it comes to streets like Lincoln Blvd in Venice Beach(which doesn’t look like it’s been re-paved in decades), the road can look pretty TECTONIC. I hit a big crack and lost control. Everything from there happened in frames. I tumble onto the sidewalk. Bone pops out of my left palm ring finger. Bleeding into the nearby McDonald’s(apparently they can’t call 911 for me). Friendly skater calls an ambulance. Chat with John, EMT from Wessex, in the ambulance. Taken to Ronald Reagan ER at UCLA. Got an X-Ray and felt victorious for no breakage. Pretty doctor sets finger back on the spot with 0 anaesthetic. Called a Lyft. Went to work the next day.

I continue the hamster wheel with a small room of other Hollywood Accountants looking at spreadsheets and data to prepare this week’s Payroll for a production that’s shooting several timezones away. Hollywood has changed. Work is of the mundane. I couldn’t be more grateful for being insured to have that ER experience. In this post-pandemic when elevated moods got neutered, it was a reward to have that MORTALITY CHECK.

I’ll get back to you about that no-phone Denver adventure. That qualifies a separate post.

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