Every moment is the origin story

If you can’t trust the news,

And history is just projection,

The present is the true original.

Only NOW is can be origin story.

October 23, 2011. I got a traumatic brain injury. This is an origin story 🌴. Definitely when the Sloan simulation initiated. Soon after I changed my name, I got into this,

10/23/2011, PALM & Kenneth, Burbank, CA

October 23, 2022. I visited my friend Javier in Madrid. He drove me down to his hometown in southwest Andalusia to a little place known as Huelva. Did you know this is the port town Christopher Columbus sailed from in his triad the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria? There had to at least have been a mention in American education, right? No? Me neither.

It got to be surreal to casually walk about in my good friend’s hometown. A low key port town that also celebrated the legacy of an Italian sailor. An Italian sailor who sailed out of Huelva, Spain. So naturally, you’d encounter his statues to be named in the Spanish iteration,Cristobal Colón(see: colony). I went to the town’s museum, Muelle de las Carabelas, where you can tap into his still celebrated iconography and to get up close and personal with replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. And might I say, for a trip that instigated so much, the boats were quite small(see below). Very interesting to exist alongside the polarities of European edification to evolving American thought unfolding in real-time.


These two events have something in common, they both happened in the past. Things that have zero stake in how today goes.

October 23, 2023. A chain of events have brought me to mountain forest New Hampshire. Speaking from a California lens, I’m technically exploring New England with origin story feels. It’s got that vibe. Autumn is something else. I hope it sticks around. Check out some hiking I did earlier. Definitely getting more challenging!

Let me tell you, ever since I’ve been out here (and it has been some months), I feel separated from anything I would call my “favorite” back in Cali. It’s a crazy feeling to tap into. What are my favorites? Do I have favorites anymore? I don’t know anymore. Is this ego-death? Wouldn’t another ego take its place?

I’ll be more engaged with the present NOW.



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