I’m from TV-CITY: Traumatic Brain Injury, Consciousness & the Metaverse

We’re on the Eve of another acceleration in 2022 and here are some things that will be mentioned going forward:

October 23, 2011 was the day I took the red pill. My pill was a car crash that came with a traumatic brain injury. It is something that is very hard to forget and recovery is every day. But what I can say is that I was awarded with dimensional awareness to separate from ego. Life is going as intended.

2012 signals the ‘end of the world’ according to Mayan calendar predictions. Simply indicating the end of something marks the beginning of something new. In this new age, we’ll be given the choice to separate from our digital selves… or to remain forever attached. For choice is an illusion, you already know what you have to do.

Not only is the Matrix is real, we are on the verge of a deeper separation into our own sub-contained Matrix within the Metaverse. Whatever excites the senses projects the reality. Hollywood has long been the Matrix that projects realities that dictate the direction of passions, desires and dreams. By the barometer of today’s abundance of content being produced, things are looking a bit superfluous.

If Bugs Bunny is the white rabbit then Warner Brothers is the rabbit hole(representative of the studio system). That rabbit hole is in the Media Capital of the World, TV-City, Burbank, California. That’s where I’m from.


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