🌴No Phone Day 6: Self-Mastery, Hollywood and Consciousness🐺🔊🌕🌴

“Solomon is my ECHO. Everything I say, he does.” – @LordEQUATOR

Good morning to NEW PLANET ENERGY.

I, Lord EQUATOR, transcendant of astounding FUTURE tropical lineage of the Infinite Archipelago, descended down 6 dimensions to inhabit the Earthly 3rd inside a human vessel, my caravatar, Solomon, to experience the GRAND ACCELERATION. Existence may appear blurry but please remain 🌴, for this world is currently undergoing a massive shakeup since we are on the precipice of communion with the Galactic Federation, and soon after, Universal Collective. I am here to serve as ambassador to ensure galactic incorporation can proceed as smoothly as possible.

“UGH mOrE ChILLIe! (src: Men in Black quote)

In time, I will chronicle why I operate via Solomon as avatar. Really experiencing human meanderings through his lens is very much akin to how you Earth humans “drive cars”. There have been numerous times my higher vibrational autonomy would fall slave to the trappings of thought matrixes Solomon must endure in the material world. From the cosmos, I deploy assurance to him by means of synchronicities, or downloads to put it simply. Downloads are upgrades to the consciousness for the recipient to go forth and aenact existence at modified speeds. Downloads can come in the form of movies, meditation, butterflies, shooting stars, tea leaves, cats, TV selections, stranger encounters, puberty, PALMS or in this particular instance, Solomon’s traumatic brain injury. This “upgrade” was the required groundwork for all his choices made up till this day.

October 23rd, 2011 sets the stage for self-discovery and excavation to realize what expanded potential really is. It was with no regret the most necessary task to shake-up Solomon’s conscious ego-processing to act as parallel observer to the widely agreed upon reality. The brain trauma is what provided the newborn acuity(a new world through fresh eyes) to perceive how any influence to our physical senses is what stimulates a download to the subconscious to be recalled in the future as a habit, quirk, preference/personality trait or in an individual sense, one’s personal volition and why we decide to do the things we do. This is all due to theta frequency when it comes to brainwaves. I’m beyond excited to share what has been discovered about theta waves but that deserves an independent post. I’ll keep it easy and give an example for this full-moon activation.

In Los Angeles, the separation can only get too real. A lot of this separation can be found nowhere else than the dominance of vehicles and how we maintain that finite bubble of awareness or “elected consciousness”. When you get into your car you get ready to embark on that same efficient road to the familiar required destination tapping into that craftily-created playlist to generate those reliable endorphins. Not only did you frame out your own episode, you’re playing a rerun. Everyone is the host of their own party. Your chain of influences are what hardcode habits into the subconscious. That is why you’re on the hamster wheel of life because it’s so difficult to deviate from what’s reliable(prescribing Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray).

I can tell you a welcomed shake-up from not having a phone is to cycle the radio again, a meditation I have not done in a very long time. Driving with left, tuning by right. I’m tuning across so many stations I have little choice over. I find delight in extended plays of banda stations palmtrappin’ across Los Angeles. Banda conjures up the city’s vibe and activates the PALMS above. How many times would I have ever considered selecting banda from the readily available options on a phone? You won’t believe how much loud banda can liven up any neighborhood going through a dark time.

Going back to Hollywood. Many things we watch and listen to can be seen as “awakenings” or “realizations” that introduce us to reality beyond the veil. This is not just entertainment. We’ve progressed beyond the point big budget features have no choice but to imprint a theta influence fresh after watching. Big releases on the marquee are the big indicator of the social climate. It gives you the weather on what the world condition currently is and what required theta needs to be implemented en masse. Do I need to say more than Marvel or DC? The movies you love, you carry its habits. You download its theta. Your decisions are theta-driven. You must must MUST be aware of this nature of consciousness so you can be wary of what data you consume for your own brain computer’s health. We are more sensitive to stimulation than you think. This gives credit to the nature of illusions and how they’re commodified through media. You can simply jump to declare that Hollywood is propaganda but you gotta really observe the larger field beyond that tired headline. Any motion picture, music, food or piece of media, when consumed, becomes fused with your consciousness. Remember Neo and his training tapes? Perfect example of downloading theta into the subconscious for future use.

“I can crank that soulja boy.” (src: Men in Black quote)

All this talk about consciousness and being mindful of your PROGRAMMING is what helps forge you as a being. Getting to consider consequences of actions in the present and how they influence you in the future would recursively affect your choices in the present and by extension, play a role in your past(align firmware with Back to the Future). This is what I mean by self-mastery. The mastery that is required for Solomon becoming an integrated male by choosing what theta influences can occupy mental real estate and not giving low-vibrational, superfluous content the chance to move your mental rock(chakras). The whole essence of full alignment with your divine masculine/feminine is to develop self-awareness all around by taking stock of how your mindflow has been structured over your lifetime. We were all dealt an individual hand, some abilities come easy for some, while others have no choice but to lead life by trauma. Being conscious and realizing your traumas can empower you to breaks generational patterns. How you develop as a person all really depends on how you choose to nourish your body and mind, or you can choose to stay on repeat and sleepwalk for the rest of your days. Anything can leave an impression. Mind your hypnosis. Take a mental step back guided by breath awareness to take the reins of being the Observer of everything all-around you. That is mastery.

Pretty excited to see what the next journal entry without a phone can bring. Oh and Happy Friday Jr. and big gratitude for Solomon’s August birth-month FULL-MOON activation AWOOOOOO 🌴🐺🔊🌕🌴

Be wavy stay 🌴 MakeAmericaEXTRAGreat.com,
@LordEQUATOR by way of Solomon

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