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A challenge to consciousness. I got a last-minute ticket to Denver for my friend’s wedding knowing that I’d walk into expensive Downtown hotel prices I did not prepare for. I didn’t anticipate breaking my mobile beforehand but decided to go forward on a weekend trip to Colorado without any phone assistance. Challenge graciously accepted.

I gotta say with or without any help from smartphones, you legit move at a different speed. Many times I felt slower than others but in other focused areas, I felt ACTIVATED. You may not be running at full tech potential but you can feel your energy being redirected across your dormant habits, giving behaviors you haven’t tapped into in a while a renewed vitality. Look at this BIGASS WINDOW!

I am fortunate to have a job that allows for this to happen.

Experiences of planning for future events have been radically overridden by the “adventure-mode” of the present. Doing away with scheduled future-plans in this ADVENTURE MODE gets you to move with intention in real time. The sudden erasure of future plans remove you from an agenda-framework and does not let your intentions get divided with the weight of future thinking that alter your present awareness. For the PRESENT is left uncrowded. Present strides of intention got you living on improv. These days a theatre degree can be found more valuable given how the powers that be have ascended their ladder due to imaginative thinking. Take a breath and think of all the fat cats. They all got a capable imagination. Imagination and treating life like a PLAY is what thrives you in neutered times.

Present unfiltered awareness unlocks the chakras of connection and has you create friendships with ease and without the digital filter. I believe I’ve made more friends in Denver in a single weekend than I have of all 2022.

Colorado is magnificent because it reminds me of the MOUNTAIN-CULTURE in Switzerland(we’ll talk about that A LOT MORE), something both places have in common. I have envy. Everyone here is hardwired to take trips out to the Rockies every weekend. I suppose you could do that here in Cali but you can only get so much Big Bear.

IG post from a VIBE barista

A stark contrast to PALMCULTURE. If anyone was ever curious about the fascination with PALMS, I simply want to make it known that PALMS paralyze you into PARADISE. It makes you lazy. Something that MOUNTAIN-CULTURE would guard your consciousness against. Mountain-culture is constant elevation.

Citing LAW OF PALM 🌴x11, PALMS BURSTING IN AIR keep you at the party and then you forget your mission. Follow @LordEQUATOR on Instagram and see how these PALMLAWS circulate into present action.

Denver stay DOPE.

But the message remains the same, from palms to pinnacle, ALL IS PALM.

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